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Mercury Can Ruin Your Health...
Get It Out With MercOut.

Simple At-Home Mercury Testing & Detoxification

If you have “silver” dental fillings (amalgams), regularly eat seafood, work in a dental office, live downwind of a coal-fired power plant, or come in contact with mercury at your school, job or home, there’s a good chance your body has accumulated unsafe levels of this disease-causing toxic metal.

You may not be aware that mercury is a health risk.  Or maybe you’ve heard it’s a problem but you feel fine, so you’re not concerned.  But research shows that over time, mercury can quietly and insidiously attack your brain, heart, emotions, nervous and immune systems, and disrupt reproduction and sexual performance. That’s the bad news.

Check nowThe good news is now you can safely remove mercury, lead and arsenic from your body with a patent-pending oral formula called the MercOut Detoxification Program. Created by a medical doctor, and clinically proven by physician-supervised trials, MercOut helps restore a healthy balance in people who test high in mercury.  This safe and effective formula combines the detoxifying compound DMPS with vitamins, minerals and herbs targeted to support and replenish the body as the toxins are removed.  The program is physician-monitored to ensure optimum results as you detoxify.

You absolutely will experience results in 30 to 60 days with the MercOut Detoxification Program and see the results graphically from independent laboratory reports.  Perhaps it’s gaining peace of mind as you watch your mercury level diminish along with its potential health threat. Or you may begin feeling more clear-headed, less emotional, more energetic, or have renewed sexual interest.  But first, check your mercury risk now with our quick, free quiz!

NEWS UPDATE: The National Institutes of Health says Succimer - also known as DMSA - is ineffective at removing mercury from the body. MercOut International exclusively uses the effective chelating agent DMPS. See our "Mercury In the News" section.