How To Get Rid Of My Mercury

The MercOut Detoxification Program:
The Safe, Effective Way To
Free Your Body of Mercury

The MercOut Detoxification Program is an exclusive oral capsule formula created by a medical doctor to help his patients who suffer with unresolved health ailments, and who have tested high for mercury in their bodies.  The formula contains the safe and effective detoxifying compound DMPS along with powerful and natural nutritionals to support the rapid removal of toxic mercury, arsenic and lead from the body.

Before the MercOut Detoxification Program, the best way to remove mercury was through intravenous therapy using DMPS, a compound used successfully since the 1950s to bind mercury in the body's tissues, and escort it out through the urine.  While this process is effective, it's also time-consuming, expensive, uncomfortable, and must be done in the doctor's office.

Now there's a safe, effective comfortable solution.  With the MercOut Detoxification Program you can begin experiencing health improvements in as little as 30 days as these toxic heavy metals begin loosening their grip on your body organs and tissues.

  • Proven effective in physician-supervised clinical outcomes studies.
  • Physician-designed and monitored ORAL, at-home treatment and testing program.
  • The only orally administered program that provides effective solutions for heavy metals testing and removal from the body.
  • A 30-day Program delivers the equivalent of EIGHT (8) intravenous DMPS therapies at just 1/4 the cost AND with NO travel to the doctor's office or physician fees.
  • Compare:  
             IV treatments                    =  $800 or more
    30-day MercOut Program = $299

Here's How the MercOut Program Works

The MercOut Detoxification Program is a web-based, physician-monitored program that is designed to help you test and detoxify mercury in the comfort and privacy of your home with no physician appointment necessary!  Before beginning the MercOut Detoxification Program, our physicians must first determine that you have elevated mercury levels and that our program is appropriate for you.  There are no physician fees associated with the MercOut Detoxification Program.

3 Easy Steps to Measuring & Removing Your Mercury

Step 1:    Determine Your Current Mercury Level

The MercOut Program is intended for people with elevated mercury levels.  The most accurate method to test your mercury level is called the Provoked Urine Challenge.  This easy-to-perform, at-home urine test is analyzed by an independent laboratory, and provides you with a highly accurate reading of your current body burden of mercury.

Step 2:   Physician Review of Your Mercury Test Results

If the urine test by the independent laboratory indicates that your mercury level is elevated, it is very likely our physicians will recommend that you begin to remove this toxic substance using the MercOut Detoxification Program.

Step 3:  Order and Begin the MercOut Detoxification Program

The 30-day oral program is so easy to use!  Each day's dosage consists of 3 morning vitamin/mineral support capsules and 1 evening DMPS detoxification capsule.  Follow this routine every day until the 30-day program is completed.

How Will You Know You're Getting Rid of Your Mercury?

At the end of the 30-day detoxification program it is highly recommended that you retest your mercury level so that you and our Medical Director can track your progress as you detoxify.

Depending on their beginning mercury level, the majority of people experience significant mercury reduction with 1 or 2 MercOut Detoxification Programs.  Some people with high levels of mercury may initially show only small reductions, often because the mercury is so tightly bound in their denser tissues.  A minority of people will actually see an initial INCREASE in their urine mercury retest levels.  Take heart.  This means that deeply embedded mercury is being mobilized and released by body tissues and is now circulating in the body, ready to be eliminated.  Persistence pays and another Detoxification Program should begin yielding results.

It can take YEARS for mercury to accumulate in the body, during which time it can slowly and quietly rob you of your health.  The MercOut Detoxification Program is made to be rapidly effective, and was designed to strike a careful balance between speed and comfort during the detoxification process.

Start NOW to Free Your Body of Mercury!

In just 30 to 60 days you'll begin to see the difference as you free yourself of mercury's toxic grip! 

To Begin, EITHER...

  1. Determine YOUR CURRENT MERCURY LEVEL.  To learn more about the easy-to-take urine mercury test, please click here.


  2. Already have previous laboratory results indicating you have an elevated mercury level?  You're ready to purchase the MercOut Detoxification Program NOW.